We offer you the most straightforward model of collaboration

You determine the number of cWATCH devices needed, and we will rent them to you. The installation, training, and lifetime guarantee are provided at no cost to you.


  • devices rental
  • 1st month for free
  • 4G network
  • service and support
  • resign any time

If there are 50 employees in a store, usually 20 employees work on one shift at a time.

The price for one device is €25 per month, billed annually.

Test for free


  • devices rental
  • 4G network
  • service and support
  • cPANEL design
  • resign any time
Test for free

Additional services

  • Monitoring of queue lengths
  • Easy staff management by monitoring the working time of individual employees
  • cPANEL in fitting rooms and the ability to remotely ask for a different clothing size
  • Online order pick up service
  • Assist at self-service checkouts
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How does the WaaS model work?

No business stands still, and the needs of companies change from day to day. That's why we offer our technology in an innovative and convenient WaaS (Wearables as a Service) model.

Equipment rental on
a subscription basis

1-month test

No fees for service and
support of equipment

Access to employee

No infrastructure needed
(4G connection)

The ability to tailor the
offer to your needs