Unlock the full potential of your team with our wearable assistant

Let smart technology coordinate your team for you, distribute tasks and take care of the customer experience at the highest level

Experience the difference with our communication devices

The power of our technology lies in the ability to personalize settings. You choose which employees will receive notifications and what kind of notifications they will get.

The ability to send messages to specific individuals without involving the entire team
Speech-to-text transcription for real-time messaging
Customer service through cPANEL, which minimizes the number of customers abandoning a purchase
The capability to translate the content of conversations, making it easier to serve foreign language customers
Dynamic access to the store's database

A smartwatch to enhance team communication.


Interface for sending customer assistance requests to dedicated staff.


Dashboard for statistical analytics of communications and interactions with cWATCH.

What do you gain by
using cWATCH?

More effectve team

Improve communication between
employees and customers of the store

Eliminate the time it takes to search
or find colleagues in the store

Support of well-trained

An API that will work for the
software your company uses

Test for free

We are here to support your team,
it couldn't be easier

Demo in store Make an appointment with our consultant, he will show you how cWatch works, answer all your questions.
Test for free You don't need anything extra. We will install cWATCH solution in your store, try it out with your team for free during 1 month.
Training We will train your employees, and personalize the solution to your needs.
Results You will be able to analyze the use of cWATCH in your store on an ongoing basis, and the way it contributes to the increased efficiency of your team.
Comfortable to wear
Messages sent to specific person
No additional infrastructure (4G connection)
Employee is always available to the customer
Messages sent are specific and to the point
Device replacement and support
No overall noise coming from communication tool