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cWATCH is a reliable device specifically designed for employees in retail, service, and warehouse environments. With the ability to send voice messages, you can effortlessly communicate with any connected team member. The transfer of information happens seamlessly in the background.

In addition, cWATCH offers quick access to online order processing and the cPANEL enables customers to reach the right person with a single call, ensuring top-notch customer service.

Proven by

10 +


20 000


85 %

of satisfied employees

Employees benefits

80% less walking and searching through store Self-management of work No loud notifications or noise

Employer benefits

40% more time for other tasks A motivated, self-managing team The highest level of customer service

Customer benefits

Quick pickup of packages ordered online Immediate and personalized assistance No downtime in the store
What surprised me most was the positive reaction of the team to the devices. It turns out that even administrative employees, such as accounting and human resources, use cWATCH on a daily basis to communicate with other employees. Patryk Górnicki Owner - Bricomarché, Brzeg Dolny
When a customer needs help, it is definitely faster with cWATCH and customers appreciate it. I am now in direct contact with the store staff all the time, which is a very big time saver for us. Sophie Vranckx Manager - AD Delhaize, Wezemaal

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Demo in store Make an appointment with our consultant, he will show you how cWatch works, answer all your questions.
Test for free You don't need anything extra. We will install cWATCH solution in your store, try it out with your team for free during 1 month.
Training We will train your employees, and personalize the solution to your needs.
Results You will be able to analyze the use of cWATCH in your store on an ongoing basis, and the way it contributes to the increased efficiency of your team.

Your employees will not want to give up on cWATCH

More than 85% of them are satisfied with how it helps them in their daily duties.