Our mission is to enhance employee productivity and convenience through improved connectivity. We facilitate daily communication, foster connections, and conserve time, resulting in self-sufficient and highly motivated teams that prioritize delivering exceptional customer service. Our belief is that a connected workforce leads to increased value, efficiency, and convenience.

Łukasz Krupski CEO, WearTech Solutions

Key goals of developing cWATCH technology

Bringing all the staff members together into one functioning unit
Time saving and better distribution of tasks among staff
Coordination of the company's infrastructure with our technology
Greater attention to customer service quality

Our team’s goal is to provide unwavering support to employees using cWATCH. To achieve this, we’ve brought together expertise from various industries, including retail, technology, and education. We maintain close contact with our clients and their employees to ensure cWATCH remains a user-friendly and efficient way of communicating within the team.

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Dirk Callaerts Head of cWATCH Partnerships
Bogumiła Piątkiewicz Marketing
Krzysztof Bańka Customer service