Based on our experience, a team of 30 individuals requires exchanging information over 300 times daily.

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I’ve been working with cWATCH for a month now, and at this point I can’t imagine functioning without this technology before, just one click and the customer will always be served. Customer leaves us with the feeling of having been served positively

Maciek Siwek Operations Leader, Decathlon
Magnolia, Wrocław

I am always open to technological innovations. The additional capabilities of cWATCH, like sending messages to specific people or usage reports, made me curious. The test didn’t burden me either time-wise or financially. It was a good decision to test a new tool. What surprised me most was the positive reception of the devices by the team. It turned out that even administrative employees, such as accounting and HR, use cWATCH on a daily basis to communicate with other employees.

Patryk Górnicki Owner - Bricomarché, Brzeg Dolny
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It’s an enormous time-saver for me, but also for the colleagues in the store. It’s a lot less running back and forth for them.

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