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Changing the way communication works in retail

I am always open to technological innovations. The additional capabilities of cWATCH, like sending messages to specific people or usage reports, made me curious. What surprised me most was the positive reception of the devices by the team.

Just one click to delight customers

cWatch streamlines my day, making problem-solving quick and efficient. The ability to maintain realtime contact with all staff members enhances our productivity significantly.

Employees love cWatch

I’ve been working with cWATCH for a month now, and at this point I can’t imagine functioning without this technology before, just one click and the customer will always be served.

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cWatch and cPanel is an excellent tool as we are not always stationed at the reception and guests can easily get in touch with us when we move around in the facility. It also gives a personal touch as the guest sees who is coming to meet them by name.

Communication with cleaning staff and also between facilities has improved and the system works very well for our hotels. cWatch simplifies communication with guests as well as staff

Annie Rosén

Hotel Manager, Hotel Gute & Breda Blick Visby Sweden

cWatch strikes the balance between instant communication and clear customer interaction. It strips away any hesitation from the customer, making us easily approachable and equipped to help. It simplifies the work, ensures constant contact with people – an indispensable solution! And as a bonus – no headphones ruining my hairstyle in the morning. A joy to always recommend!

Maciej Siwek

Operational Leader, Decathlon

cWatch is not only a big time-saver for me but also a valued aid for my shop floor colleagues. It expedites our processes, reducing waiting times and boosting overall efficiency. I see it’s a game-changer for us and for every high-paced retail environment.

Sophie Vranckx

Store manager at AD Delhaize Wezemaal

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