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The centre of your business – on-hand

Experience the leading in-store optimization solution your employees are sure to love


A new standard in seamless employee communications


Delight customers with instant, expert assistance


Reinforce decision-making with real-time data analytics


Integrate with existing systems for deepest operational insights

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Simplify user delight with cWatch®

Experience limitless team connectivity and instant access to vital data with cWatch®. Theuser-friendly, endlessly applicable retail communication and strategy game-changer is here.

Login within 3 seconds

Verify available colleagues

Send one-to-one messages

Communicate branch-wide or with specific teams

Guarantee message delivery even when recipients absent

Communicate in your ideal language

Sound/silent alert customization settings

Assist customers promptly and professionally

It’s time – the efficient, effortless retail operation management tool

Once you try cWatch®, you’ll never look back

Seamless collaboration

cWatch® keeps every member of your team in touch – reach any colleague, team or expert in a matter of seconds.

Customer satisfaction

Deliver a new standard of professional customer service, with our central cPanel ensuring every customer enjoys the leading assistance they expect.

Smarter management

Complete tasks instantly and intelligently, manage employees intuitively and make data-driven management decisions via your cDashboard.

Information hub

Integrate existing systems with our powerful API and receive store-wide system notifications right to your wrist.

1 employee, 300+ daily interactions –
 60%+ productivity unlocked with cWatch®, 100% benefits passed to customers and management

cPanel – your portal for delivering perfect customer service

Assistance on demand

customers returning and recommending your brand to loved ones.

Instant customer help in-seconds

The unique integration of cPanel and cWatch® ensures employees are on-hand to deliver attentive customer assistance as soon as it is needed.

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Maximise operational efficiency with cDashboard command center

Verify team activity in real-time using data including sent message number and adaptive activity rankings

Remain informed of current team member availability at all times

Send messages to your team – wherever you are

Enjoy seamless team connectivity using popular predefined message structures




cWatch is not only a big time-saver for me but also a valued aid for my shop floor colleagues. It expedites our processes, reducing waiting times and boosting overall efficiency. I see it’s a game-changer for us and for every high-paced retail environment.

Sophie Vranckx

Store manager at AD Delhaize Wezemaal, Belgium

Customer success stories – discover the power of cWatch®

Changing the way communication works in retail

I am always open to technological innovations. The additional capabilities of cWATCH, like sending messages to specific people or usage reports, made me curious. What surprised me most was the positive reception of the devices by the team.

Just one click to delight customers

cWatch streamlines my day, making problem-solving quick and efficient. The ability to maintain realtime contact with all staff members enhances our productivity significantly.

Employees love cWatch

Seamless team connectivity and collaboration

cWatch® increases employee productivity and delights customers  every time.

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